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Do you want to become a Rose supplier? Rose is always looking to build strong partnerships with other companies who share our philosophy of providing the highest quality customer service at the best price.


Rose International's supplier network consists of suppliers geared toward sourcing, recruiting and retaining the best technical professionals in the industry.

Geographic Reach

The supplier network is made up of companies with offices throughout the United States . The broad reach of this network allows us to serve clients nationwide. Our suppliers must be willing and able to send candidates to interviews and positions anywhere in the country.

Commitment to Minority- and Woman-Owned Organizations

Being a minority- and woman-owned company (MBE/WBE), Rose International is aware of the difficulty small minority companies' face in becoming successful in the saturated world of IT consulting. We encourage all minority companies who are not certified Minority, Woman or Disabled to attain certification from either a Minority Business Council or their city, county or state government. To find out more about getting certified, go to or . Many of Rose International's customer's have their own MBE/WBE/DVBE goals, which may afford our certified suppliers many opportunities that may otherwise be missed.


Rose is able to pass along many opportunities that we receive from our clients. These opportunities include those from Fortune 500 companies, as well as numerous government agencies and smaller firms.

Becoming a Rose Supplier

Rose International is continuously evaluating our supplier relationships. It is our objective to find the best technical contracting firms nationwide to augment our project needs. We will select suppliers on the basis of quality standards in place, geographic reach, strength in recruiting qualified personnel and references on their past performance. After securing a partnership with Rose, successful suppliers have been those with the best technical matches, the highest quality, the best response times and the most competitive pricing.

What we look for in a Supplier :

Quality Processes

We look for suppliers who can consistently provide the best quality candidates quickly (usually within 24 hours or less) and at a competitive rate. We are interested in understanding your process of ensuring candidate commitment long-term, accurate resumes and the ability to respond to high-demand spikes, where dozens of consultants are needed to staff a newly won project.

Geographic Coverage

We are interested in suppliers that can augment our candidate base in areas where we do not currently have offices. (To view Rose office locations, Click here)

Financial Stability

Rose approves only those companies with strong historical financial performance.

History of Strong Past Performance

What do your customers have to say? Direct customer references are critical to forging a mutually beneficial relationship.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • What do your customers have to say? Direct customer references are critical to forging a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Insurance: Insurance requirements will be covered in the partner agreement.
  • References: At least three (3) direct customer and subcontractor references
  • Minority Firms: If you are a Minority- and/or Woman-owned firm, you must be certified as such by an agency - federal, state or local; utilities, or transportation agencies. The SBA (Small Business Administration) and NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Diversity Council) are good places to start.

If you are interested in becoming a Rose International supplier, please visit the Rose Supplier Registration Portal. Once completed, the registration form is sent to the Rose International Vendor Management Team for review. If your company meets our current needs and minimum requirements, we’ll request the information required for you to be on-boarded as a preferred supplier of Rose International.

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