Rose International
and ILMS take
Inventory Management
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Rose International and ILMS take Inventory Management to the Next Level

Firms address common issues to help manufacturers more effectively manage inventory

ST. LOUIS, January 18, 2001 – Rose International, a leader in technology and e-business solutions, recently helped Integrated Logistics Management Solutions (ILMS) develop Web-based applications for their core business – an online, real time, electronic, inventory logistics management system, aimed at helping manufacturers. Through the use of Internet technologies, customers can now access enterprise server applications and data from any workstation with Internet access. "Traditional inventory management systems have a number of problems inherent in the technology architecture," said Fred McCabe, ILMS Executive Vice President. "Manufacturers have a large number of SKUs to deal with, as well as numerous supply chain members with which to coordinate. Using the expertise of the ILMS management team and the technical experience of Rose International, we were able to develop a system that addresses these issues," he said.

  • Some of the issues that ILMS' system addresses are:Excess inventory and carrying cost;Inventory location systems and accuracy;Bar code technologies creating paperless transactions;Improved material flow and space utilization for Just-in-Time delivery of parts;Indirect labor required to manage inventory;and
  • Elimination of stock outs, which impede the manufacturing process.

Rose utilized the "real world" experience of the ILMS team to build a unique native Web inventory management system for ILMS. The system follows a part through the entire manufacturing supply chain.  The ILMS proprietary integrated system utilizes wireless bar code scanning technologies, which identifies parts and part movement through the entire process, from the acquisition of raw materials through the distribution of finished goods. "We believe in replacing inventory with information. Using the system, supply chain members are able to see real-time information simultaneously, making the decision-making process uniform and timely throughout the chain," said Richard Milhollin, ILMS President. The system also takes advantage of one of the newest standards in software development, Component-Based Development (CBD). CBD allows applications to be constructed from individual software components, each with its own well-defined interfaces and behavior that can be used and reused across multiple layers of the application. "CBD has numerous benefits, including increased productivity, improved quality and an open system design," said Eric Token, Senior Vice President of Operations for Rose International. The "open design" of the ILMS system allows easier maintenance of core application functions by being able to modify an individual component without impact to other areas of the application. As customers' needs change and evolve, the use of CBD will allow for quick deployment of new features and enhancements to the system.

About Rose International

Founded in 1993, St. Louis-based Rose International is a leader in providing technology and e-commerce solutions to corporations and government agencies nationwide. The company's numerous branch offices have a broad geographic reach, allowing Rose to work with organizations across the country. Rose was recently recognized as the fastest growing technology firm in St. Louis, and was named to this year's Inc. 500 and Working Woman 500, among other honors. For more information on Rose International, visit the company's Web site at

About ILMS

ILMS is owned and operated by a team of logistics professionals who have a combined total of over 70 years of progressive "real world" management experience in procurement, warehousing, bar code applications, materials management, distribution and transportation, both domestic and international, in multi-plant, OEM environments. The company provides a complete package of logistics, consulting and systems services to facilitate clients' manufacturing operations and supply chain value. To learn more about ILMS, visit the company's Web site at

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