Rose International
Kicks off
Department of Defense
Mentor-Protégé Program
with Litton PRC

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Rose International Kicks off Department of Defense Mentor-Protégé Program with Litton PRC

ST. LOUIS, June 9, 2000 - Rose International, a leader in providing technology and e-business solutions, today announced that the company, along with Litton PRC, held the kickoff of the Department of Defense (DoD) Mentor Protégé Program May 24-25 in San Diego, Calif. Additional proteges, Dataline and IMRI, were also in attendance.  The Navy Space and Warfare Command (SPAWAR) is the sponsor of the program.

The DoD Pilot Mentor-Protege Program (MPP) is a unique effort. It seeks to encourage major DoD prime contractors (mentors) to develop the technical and business capabilities of small disadvantaged businesses (SDBs) and other eligible proteges in order to enhance their contribution to the Department of Defense. Through credit toward subcontracting goals or some direct reimbursement of costs, the MPP provides incentives for these mentors to establish and implement a developmental assistance plan that enables the protege to compete more successfully for DoD prime contracts and subcontract awards. The purpose of the MPP is to develop technical capabilities that will enable the protege to expand their business base within the DoD marketplace.

Under the MPP, Litton PRC will mentor Rose in the areas of business and proposal development. Additionally, Litton PRC will provide guidance to Rose of the pursuit of the Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model, a software and system engineering model that measures the effectiveness of your software development capabilities, or ISO 9000 certification, which is a quality system.

Litton PRC is a leading provider of scientific, engineering, and information technology-based solutions for public sector clients and is one of the divisions that comprise Litton's Information Systems Group (ISG). Litton PRC has achieved the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) capability maturity model (CMM) Level 5 rating, the highest software development process improvement level a company can earn. This rating indicates that Litton PRC has achieved an "optimizing" level of maturity, which translates to reduced risk for their customers. Litton ISG, headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, employs more than 9,200 in 150 offices nationwide, and is ranked as one of the Federal government's top 10 contractors. 

Litton is the largest builder of non-nuclear ships for the U.S. Navy and designs, builds, and overhauls surface ships for government and commercial customers worldwide. The company is a leading information technology (IT) contractor to the U.S. government and provides specialized IT services to commercial customers and government customers in local/foreign jurisdictions. Litton is a leading provider of defense and commercial electronics technology, components, and materials for customers worldwide. Headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, Litton has more than 40,000 employees and more than $5 billion in annual revenue. For more information, visit Litton's Web site at

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Founded in 1993, St. Louis-based Rose International is a leader in providing technology and e-commerce solutions to corporations and government agencies nationwide. The company's numerous branch offices have a broad geographic reach, allowing Rose to work with organizations across the country. Rose has received acknowledgments from Deloitte & Touche as the country's 26th fastest growing technology firm and Working Woman magazine as number 491 in the Working Woman 500, among others.

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